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Online Exit or Withdrawal from NPS

In order to ensure timely exit/withdrawal from NPS, CRA sends communication to the subscriber & Nodal office 6 month before the date of superannuation/attainment of 60 years to initiate the withdrawal claim in the CRA system and generates a Claim ID for each claim request.

As per circular has been issued by PFRDA withdrawal process has been made mandatory online from 1st April, 2016. Only online withdrawal requested raised on online platform shall be accepted at CRA for processing.

How to raise online withdrawal claim under NPS:

 The online withdrawal process can be initiated in either of the two ways:

  1. By subscriber using User ID & IPIN: The subscriber can directly initiate withdrawal application using his/her User ID & IPIN in the CRA system with in a period of 6 months before the age of superannuation/vesting date opted by subscriber. While initiating the request in the system, the subscriber needs to provide details such as lump sum % of withdrawal, annuity % share details, Annuity Service Provider details, Bank details, Nomination details etc.
  2. By Nodal Office/POP/Aggregator: In case subscriber is not able to initiate the request directly into the system, the withdrawal application can be initiated by the concerned Nodal Office/ POP or Aggregator in the CRA system using their respective logins. The subscriber is required to provide the physical withdrawal form along with the supporting documents such as Identity & Address Proof, Bank details etc. to the Nodal Office.
  3. The death claims shall directly be initiated by Nodal Office/POP/Aggregators through their respective logins in CRA system.
  4. The Nodal Office shall verify whether the Withdrawal Request Form has been properly filled and check whether all KYC documents have been submitted by the subscriber/claimant. The Nodal Office will initiate and authorise the request only after such verification is carried out.
  5. Post authorisation of the request in CRA system, the Nodal Office/POP/Aggregator shall forward the withdrawal application form and supporting documents received from subscriber to CRA.


The detailed procedure of generating of Claim ID and capturing the withdrawal request in CRA system is provided under Annexure I of the Circular.