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Functions of CRA

  • Registration of Subscribers and issuance of Permanent Retirement Account Number.
  • Dispatch of PRAN Card, IPIN/TPIN and Welcome Kit.
  • Digitization and maintenance of Subscriber record/preferences.
  • Updating Subscriber record/preferences based on requests made for change/revision.
  • Providing operational interface to other intermediaries under NPS Architecture.
  • Monitor the flow of contributions made by subscribers to their PRAN account.
  • Unitization of contribution amount made by subscribers to his/her PRAN account.
  • Generation and dispatch of Statement of Transactions to Subscribers.
  • Providing subscribers with online/electronic access to their PRAN account.
  • Providing Call Centre facilities to Subscribers.
  • Receiving, acknowledging and redressal of Subscriber grievances through Central Grievance Management System portal.
  • Processing of Exit/Withdrawal request of Subscribers.