About Trustee Bank

Axis Bank Ltd has been appointed by PFRDA as the Trustee Bank for National Pension System (NPS) effective from 1st July, 2013 for an initial tenure of 2 years which is extendable annually up to another 3 years.

Trustee Bank as an intermediary is responsible for the day-to-day flow of funds and banking facilities in accordance with the guidelines/ directions issued by the Authority under NPS. It receives NPS funds from all Nodal Offices and transfers the same to the Pension Funds / Annuity Service Providers/other intermediaries as per the operational guidelines. The funds which are received with complete information [PAOFIN details < Tran Id> < PAO Id>] are transferred to PFMs for investment. Funds having incomplete information or with any other discrepancy are returned back to the respective accredited banks of the Nodal Offices for credit to the source account.

The NPS Trustee Bank accounts are maintained on behalf of the NPS subscribers and in the name of the NPS Trust. NPS Trust is the registered owner of NPS funds. However, individual NPS subscribers remain beneficial owners of these funds.


Contact details of TB

Toll free number- 1800 102 6667

Email id - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Axis Bank Ltd, Corporate Office,

6th Floor, Business Banking Dept,

Wadia International Centre,

P.B. Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400025 

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