About Custodian

Custodian shall mean “Custodian of Securities” who has been granted the Letter of Appointment by the Authority for providing custodial and depository participant services for the Pension schemes regulated by the Authority.

The custodian provides custodial services to the Pension Fund and ensure that benefits due on the holdings are received; provide detailed information and other reports as required by the NPS Trust; maintain confidentiality of the transactions; and are responsible for any loss or damage to the assets belonging to the Pension Funds due to negligence on its part or on the part of its approved agents. The Custodian is not permitted to assign, transfer, hypothecate, pledge, lend, use or otherwise dispose off any assets or property of the Fund, except pursuant to instruction from the Trustee.

Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. (SCHIL) has been appointed by PFRDA to function as “The Custodian and Depository Participant” to NPS Trust and provide custodial services for securities in physical form and Depository Participant services for securities in Demat mode.

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