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Monitoring by NPS Trust- Point of Presence (POP)

Regulation 27 of PFRDA (Point of Presence) Regulations, 2015 authorizes NPS Trust to Inspect and Audit the Point of Presence for the functional/operational activities undertaken under NPS and Regulation 11(xi) of PFRDA (NPS Trust) Regulations, 2015 authorizes NPS Trust to monitor and audit and may call for any information from Points of Presence with respect to any matter relating to its activity as a Point of Presence (POP).

Monthly evaluation and monitoring of Service Level Standards prescribed under the Guidelines for Operational Activities for Point of Presence (POP), Points of Presence –Sub Entity (POP-SE) and POP - Corporate.

Analysis of periodic Reports, Internal Audit Reports, Compliance Certificates, and reporting exceptions to the Authority in compliance of PFRDA (NPS Trust) Regulations, 2015.