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Applicable fees and charges levied on NPS Subscribers


Intermediary Charge head Service Charges*
Private Govt. Lite/APY
CRA PRA Opening charges NSDL Rs 40   or   Karvy Rs 39.36 Rs 15
Annual PRA Maintenance cost per account NSDL Rs 95   or   Karvy Rs 57.63 NSDL Rs 25 or Karvy Rs 14.40
Charge per transaction NSDL Rs 3.75 or  Karvy Rs 3.36 Free
POP Initial subscriber registration and contribution upload Rs. 125 NA NA
Any subsequent transactions 0.25%  of contribution,   NA NA
  Min. Rs 20 Max. Rs 25000      
Trustee Bank   NIL
Custodian Asset Servicing charges 0.0032% p.a for Electronic segment & Physical segment
PF charges Investment Management Fee 0.01% p.a. 0.0102% p.a.
NPST Reimbursement of Expenses 0.01% p.a

* In case of Government employees, CRA charges are being paid by the respective Governments.

International Comparison of Fees/Charges under NPS

International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) in its Working Paper 6 “Comparison of Costs + Fees in Countries with Private Defined Contribution Pension Systems” published by Denise Gomez Hernandez and Fiona Stewart had introduced the concept of “Charge Ratio” and “Equivalent Asset Fee” for enabling standardized international comparison of fees due to existence of diversity of charges across countries.

“Charge Ratio” measures the impact that any type of administrative charge can have on the final balance (after 25 or 40 years) of an individual retirement account compared to the hypothetical balance that could be obtained if no administrative fees were charged at all.

“Equivalent Asset Fee” is the annualized charge over assets which would have generated exactly the same final asset accumulation as the actual combination of charges on flows entering the individual account, on the accumulated assets and on the returns applied to the individual retirement account as well as any entry or exit charges applied to an individual retirement account during a certain period of time.

Charge Ratio and Equivalent Asset Fee under NPS

Particulars Private Government Lite/APY
Charge Ratio 3.92% 0.72% 0.93%
EAF 0.14% 0.03% 0.03%


Monthly Contribution – Rs 1000
Return on Contribution – 8%
Contribution Period – 40 years
Maximum of CRA charges